Singer Sewing Machine 6518 Scholastic Manual PDF Singer Model 6518 Handbook UserGuide PDF Download

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$10.00 each Brand: Singer Sewing MachinesSinger Sewing Machines

PDF replacement manual, owner's guide, instruction manual for your singer model 6518 sewing machine.

Singer Sewing Machine 6518 Scholastic Manual PDF

54 Pages

Great Quality see photos of manual

Black and White

This is a great replacement for a lost or damaged singer sewing machine model 6518. These manuals are downloadable and you'll need the free adobe reader to open them. You may print off a copy or keep it on your computer. When possible the manuals are in full color, just like the originals.

These are for personal use and not to be redistributed. Copyright 2022, and all rights reserved

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I don't know what machine manual is for, but it is not the manual I paid for. I wanted the manual for the Scholastic model 6518. Money down the drain.
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